Umpires Don’t Know The Rules

Having never been a sports official myself, I try to give officials a pass on close calls. It’s not always easy to get the right call on a bang-bang play.

However, when an umpire blatantly disregards the written rules, there’s no way to give them a pass. Especially in a game like baseball, where they could pull the rulebook out if they needed to, in order to get the call right.

MLB is unique in allowing teams to protest a call that is contrary to the written rules, and have a game replayed from that point if the protest is upheld. A protest hasn’t been upheld since the 80s, mostly because the protested rulings were not blatant, but MLB has gotten lucky a few times, including one last fall, and this one here. If the Angels hadn’t come from behind to win, there is no way this protest wouldn’t have been upheld. The rules specify clearly that all pitchers have to face at least one batter, and the umpire disregarded that rule.

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