Refs Miss 10-Second Violation Despite The Shot Clock Hitting 24

This is something that drives me crazy about basketball. By rule, the referee isn’t supposed to take the shot clock into account when determining if a 10-second violation has been made. The backcourt ref’s hand-counting is the only ‘clock’ that applies. It’s hard to believe that a ref can keep time better in his head than an actual shot clock can. That’s just stupid.

Why not call a 10-second violation the instant the clock hits 25? That would make so much more sense than they way it’s currently done.

Here’s a video of the officials blowing a 10-second violation in a Texas vs. Oklahoma basketball game in Norman, Oklahoma on 2/24/2007. Sooners coach Jeff Capel couldn’t believe there was no violation called, and then when his player was called for a foul instead of a Texas backcourt violation, he went nuts and got called for a Technical foul. A 10-second call would have completely changed the game. Instead, Texas won 68-58.

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