Clemson vs. Maryland – Two Safeties In One Game: Neither Called Correctly

This is pretty bad. Clemson vs. Maryland in Death Valley on November 4th, 2006. First, an obvious safety was correctly called a safety by the officials on the field, and then was mysteriously overturned by the booth official upon review.

Watch the video below, and see for yourself. There is no possible way that the player had full possession of the ball before it touched the goal line. It’s not even close!

So now Clemson has the ball at their own 1/2-yard line. Now they run the ball, and the runner is clearly tackled for another safety. Not in Death Valley, with these referees.

Somehow, the refs determined once again that the player was not tackled for a safety, but somehow made it out of the endzone, despite all evidence to the contrary.

If Maryland hadn’t eventually won the game 13-12 on a last-minute field goal, this may have ended up as a much bigger issue for this officiating crew.

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