Refs Miss 10-Second Violation Despite The Shot Clock Hitting 24

This is something that drives me crazy about basketball. By rule, the referee isn’t supposed to take the shot clock into account when determining if a 10-second violation has been made. The backcourt ref’s hand-counting is the only ‘clock’ that applies. It’s hard to believe that a ref can keep time better in his head than an actual shot clock can. That’s just stupid.

Why not call a 10-second violation the instant the clock hits 25? That would make so much more sense than they way it’s currently done.

Here’s a video of the officials blowing a 10-second violation in a Texas vs. Oklahoma basketball game in Norman, Oklahoma on 2/24/2007. Sooners coach Jeff Capel couldn’t believe there was no violation called, and then when his player was called for a foul instead of a Texas backcourt violation, he went nuts and got called for a Technical foul. A 10-second call would have completely changed the game. Instead, Texas won 68-58.

Clemson Gets Jobbed By The Refs Against Duke

Okay, so the timekeeper can screw up sometimes. It happens. Everyone makes mistakes. The thing is, when you have video replay, there’s no excuse for not making the right call.

Right here, we have a case where Duke inbounds the ball with 5 seconds left, but passes it right to a Clemson player who shoots and makes a three-pointer. At this point, there should be 2.8 seconds left. The timekeeper doesn’t start the clock on time, and then lets it run after the play in an attempt to compensate. The refs look at the video replay, and somehow determine that it took .6 seconds for the Clemson player to catch the ball, shoot the ball, and make the basket. That’s obviously impossible, which means these refs are obviously favoring Duke on purpose, or completely incompetent. Either way, it’s hard for me to imagine how the ACC could possibly conitinue to employ these referees.

The video shows where the clock would have stopped had the correct amount of time been put on the clock. Obviously, if Duke had 2.8 seconds instead of 4.4, they would have run a different play, but it still would have been far more difficult to convert a shot under those circumstances.

Take a look for yourself, and tell me what you think.